Roehl's Sliding Pay Scale

How does Roehl’s pay scale equal MORE MONEY for you?

  • It goes beyond flat rate-per-mile pay and recognizes your valuable time
  • Know exactly what you’re going to make before you drive the route, every time
  • Shorter hauls actually mean higher earning power

Take a look at some real life examples of how Roehl Drivers earn MORE:

  1. A driver with 1 year of experience hauls a 49 mile load that takes 2 hours; the driver earns $56.35
  2. The same driver hauls a 200 mile load that takes 4 hours; the driver earns $110.00
  3. The same driver hauls a 500 mile load that takes 10 hours; the driver earns $260.00

THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS – you’ve taken the first step toward your new career!


Step 2: Complete your full application!

This includes re-entering some of the information from the short form as well as answering additional questions.

Step 3: After your full application goes through our review process, we’ll let you know if you have a conditional job offer to Get Paid While You Get Your CDL™.